Advice and strategy don't bring in business.

Advice and strategy are valuable. But by themselves, they don’t bring in business. That takes someone who really understands your offerings, why your customers buy from you, and what will prompt future purchases. More than that, it takes someone who is hungry to accomplish all the things that lead to awards, orders, and revenues.

We build your plan.
Then we build your pipeline.

No matter why you engage us, you’ll find that Accela is very different from other BD firms. We’re highly skilled at planning but we’re even more oriented toward doing.

Here’s how we approach business development:

Accela supports you through
the entire BD lifecycle

We make sure your attention, your efforts, and your message are all aligned with your goals. We equip you to win with a practical strategy, disciplined structure, and measurable processes. Then we undertake the day-to-day effort of building your pipeline:

  • Making calls
  • Networking contacts
  • Working leads
  • Identifying decision makers
  • Getting appointments
  • Building credibility
  • And ultimately, winning the trust of customers

Accela supports you with proven
public sector expertise

We have verifiable, year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit, and growth objectives for public sector companies. We have decades of experience representing technology products, services, integration, and consulting. We know the complex landscape of government contracting.

We understand the unique needs of government customers and the role risk plays in their thinking. As a result, we’re especially skilled in penetrating agency accounts and building relationships with high-level decision makers.

Accela supports you with
all of its principals

At many firms, clients are siloed among partners and are often served by junior associates. Accela is structured so that all of our executives work for all of our clients, with one serving as a primary point of contact.

Each is involved in everything related to your support, from the thought process to the legwork. That maximizes the amount of senior mindshare, creativity, and effort we can direct toward achieving your goals.